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Coronavirus update - 27 March 2020

Well, how quickly things can change! Now that the government has placed us in a Level 4 alert the way General Practice operates is very different. We know you may have questions. Many answers can be found here:…/I…/Support/Covid-19/Public_FAQs.aspx

Your health and well-being remain very important to us - we just need to interact with you in alternative ways. Please be assured that you will be looked after. Some info specific to us:

Our front door is on controlled entry - you can only come in to the practice if we unlock the door first.

Wherever possible we are treating patients over the phone.

You will be questioned about why you are asking for an appointment, and asked screening questions regarding recent travel, contact with others, etc. It is important that you are completely honest with us for the safety of our team.

Please only come down to us if we have first talked to you on the phone and made a decision that you need to be seen in person. If you are asked to come down it is likely you will be asked to remain in your car and call us when you arrive.

Patients with cold and flu like symptoms or who are considered at risk of Coronavirus will be initially seen in their cars and, if necessary, brought into a separate part of the practice through a different door. Please do not be alarmed that doctors and nurses are wearing protective clothing, masks etc. It is for everyone's safety.

Childhood immunisations - these are still happening but only if both child and the parent coming with them are well. Please do not bring other children down. It is important we maintain the schedule to minimise other infectious diseases, such as measles, becoming an issue in the community.

Support person - you are still welcome to bring a support person with you if we make an appointment for you, but only ONE person and they must be well.

Non-urgent recalls - many routine blood tests, smears etc are being deferred unless there are risk factors. The labs etc are experiencing an increase in workflow due to Coronavirus. We will catch up with these once the outbreak is over.

ACC and WINZ certificates - renewal of these is now possible over the telephone. Please phone and request a telephone consultation with your GP.

Masks and hand sanitiser - please do not call and ask for us to supply you with these as we have a limited supply. Getting irritated with our team will not change our position.

Prescriptions - Please do not leave requesting your repeat medications until you are about to run out - not only are we experiencing an increased demand, but pharmacies are as well. Some pharmacies have increased their turnaround times so best to call them first to check your medications are ready for collection. Depending upon the nature of your medication the pharmacy may only be able to give you one month's worth as the government tries to protect supplies to ensure we all have enough to see us through.

NZ can get through this unprecedented time, but only if we all follow the guidelines. It is important that you minimise outings and stay at home during the lock-down period - this is how the experts believe NZ can best contain the virus. More information and advice can be found at

We know it is alot to take in - we are here for you - it just might take us a little longer to return your call than usual. Thank you for your patience and understanding.